Meet Your Sunday Morning Yoga Instructor

Carly Reeder is the author of Stress Free For Life: 8 simple ways to free yourself from stress and get that healthy glow, and a holistic health advocate striving to help others find peace, happiness, and wholeness in this chaotic world.


Carly is certified in yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Massage Therapy, and also holds a BA in Health Psychology.


After spending a decade healing her own anxiety disorder with yoga, stress-relief techniques, and a plant-based diet, Carly became determined to use the rest of her life helping others find natural solutions for their chronic stress and pain.


Prior to Carly's commitment to yoga and natural health, she was an avid dancer who began taking ballet at the age of 3. She continued dance throughout high school and college, studying modern dance, jazz, and ballet. A severe dance injury in college is what led her to her studies in Holistic Health and low-impact forms of movement and exercise which promote a healthy body and mind.


Carly's goal is to empower others to heal their own body. She does this by creating safe, therapeutic yoga classes that bring the body back to a natural state of homeostasis.


The yoga class provided at Your Plant-Based Guide Conference will incorporate some of these essential stress relief techniques, yin yoga, and flow!

For more information about Carly visit her website at

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